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  • aebi
  • July 10, 2019
  • What to Do When Someone Hits Your Car

    You need to know no matter what the cause of the accidents that it is stressing and hectic when someone hits your car on the road or traffic jam. You need to make a sober decision what you need to do next although this can be stressful to know what to do, read more now for this can have an impact for the rest of your life. The car accidents are a very traumatizing experience; thus, learn more here on this article on the steps to take when someone hits your car this include.

    One of the steps is stopping as soon as possible. You have to stop as soon as possible when someone hits your car, you need to pull over off the road if there is a space or to the nearby parking lot no far away from the scene.

    There is the procedure of making a call to the police. You need to make a call to the police either it is your fault or not for the citation is essential to file the insurance claims and this will make it swift when there is the citation.

    There is the procedure of taking pictures of the accident scene using your phone. You need to discover more; thus, you have evidence when you take the photos on the scene in case other parties sue you, without the photos, you have no evidence.

    There is the procedure of exchanging info with other drivers on the accident scene to have the full details. You need to have more info. on other driver and know more about their address, name, phone address and even the insurance info as well, however, the police can do this you.

    There is the procedure of calling your insurance company. You need this service of compensation; thus, call this company of insurance services as soon you have left the scene, you need call sooner enough to increase the chance of claim acceptance. You have to ensure that the details that you give to this company for compensation on your claim are true and you have the evidence for you to have the acceptance.

    There is the process of making a trip to the hospital. You need to seek medical treatment from the best hospital, you need to have the documentation that you took your medication to have the compensation on the bills with this evidence.

    Moreover, there is the final step of storing your accidents records safely to follow. You need to produce these record after the accident or it may be unnecessary; thus, since you are not sure, you need to keep them safe for you do know what will happen next.

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